Other Products Based On The Olive Tree

Virgin Olive Oil

In the Olive Tree Shop in Skiathos you can get the best olive oil in Greece, a certified product of Organic Farming, extra Virgin and absolutely delicious, simply naturally Greek. Word of excellent treatment is to drink a spoonful every morning because it is beneficial to our health as it is good for our heart, intestines, skin and in general for our well-being.

Biological Olive Paste

The olive pastes we offer have been made from the organic olive variety of Kalamata that is maintained perfectly thanks to the strict selection of the raw material and the slow process of grinding that gives a light anddelicateflavor.


Olive Oil cosmetics offer a pure and natural face; body and hair care and areparaben and silicone free. Our interest and effort is to contribute to our clients’ improved health and to returnto the pure and simple ways of skincare

Olive Oil Soap

Olive oil was and is the basic ingredient for making soap. In the Olive Tree Skiathos Shop we have traditional soaps, made of pure natural extracts and essential oils, and are ideal cleanser. Each soap is different and contains ingredients with specific characteristics like stimulates new shells, tightens and tones the skin, slows the development of wrinkles… So we offer excellent soap with organic olive oil and mild pharmaceutical activities that can be used for hair / face / hands / body. We have also purchased handmade soaps, featuring only natural ingredients without any chemical impurities.