OliveTree2016The Olive Tree in Greece, for more than 4000 years, is a symbol of supplication and entreaty of a fighting spirit and of triumph, of power and a symbol of Peace for the whole of mankind.

So, in keeping with times, natural products and especially from olive trees are environmentally friendly not to mention that we feel closer to the nature that gives us strength from it.

Most olive wood hand carvings are from the pruning of the tree, a process necessary for healthy and proper development, since the main purpose of the tree is the production of olives and oil. Occasionally, when a tree does no longer produce, mainly because it is very old, we cut it and plant another one in its place. These trees give us large pieces of wood from the trunk or the root (harder wood) and we make big utensils like the salad bowl and large wooden cutting board.

Especially the wood of the Olive tree roots are hard as metal and very difficult to shape and objects made with this gorgeous material is essentially immortal!